White Smile mourns DDS Mohamad HOSROM

Dentists of White Smile organization mourn their colleague, DDS Mohamad HOSROM

who has passed in an aerial attack committed by the Syrian regime air-forces and its allies in the city of Harem which located in Idlib province?

At 22/03/2018 with airstrike that led to the death of our colleague...In addition to the killing of 28 civilians including his three children beside dozens of injuries, and most of the victims of the attack were women and children. White Smile condemns these attacks on civilians and medical staff , which are considered to be war crimes; and emphasises on the following :

  • The effective implementation of UNSC resolution 2286 (2016), which prohibits attacks against medical facilities/ staff/ aid workers during war. That the government makes every effort possible to prevent these attacks and holds perpetrators accountable for war crimes. 

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