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Because we are dentists sweard to fulfill our oath and hold our moral responsibilities

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Our Story

White Smile is a non-governmental, non-profit civil society organization specialized in humanitarian health issues. The White Smile was established in the city of Aleppo on the 2nd of February in two thousand and thirteen under the name of the dental care program in the Medical Council of Aleppo.
At that time, a group of Syrian dentists began to feel the great gap that had arisen in the medical service with the beginning of the migration of medical personnel from the city of Aleppo. Established the first dental clinics to serve the patients free of charge, and the doctors continued to provide the care they could provide to their patients despite the great danger that threatened their personal safety and the safety of their families. Trying to adhere to their ethical standards and professional duty towards their parents in the darkest circumstances. The work of the organization according to the principles of humanitarian and ethical work in the field of health. The White Smile Organization ensures that dental care is accessible to all regardless of race, religion or politics.


The white smile was registered as a licensed association in the Republic of Turkey on 23/9/2016 under the number 27-020-067  and its headquarters were moved from Aleppo to Ghaziantep city.
The Board of Trustees of the Organization consists of medical personnel from dentists, human physicians and pharmacists. The Board of Directors includes dentists with managerial experience in non-governmental organizations as well as specialists in other relevant administrative fields.
White Smile continues to provide dental care, prevention and oral health services to Syrians in all places where they need health services in general and dental services in particular. It is the only Syrian non-governmental organization that has this specialization.
Dental services are provided through a series of dental clinics distributed over geographical areas that lack dental care, as well as health awareness services with oral health care, raising children's health awareness in schools and child-friendly spaces.


Our services

Diagnostic services


Includes periodic diagnosis, clinical and radiological diagnosis 

Free Therapeutic Services

All the treatments of conservative and reconstructive dentistry with taking into consideration fixed compensatory services for necessity

Maxillofacial surgery

Trauma and facial injuries surgery in Syria

Awareness campaigns

Awareness campaigns that Targeting the importance of oral health care in schools to promote prevention of childhood dental necrosis

Need Assessment

Survey studies and clinical studies on the status of oral health and needs in Syria

Capacity Building

Through workshops and educational lectures in the fields of the profession and the management of dental health sector.







Years of experience

Free therapeutıc servıce

Dentist and Dental assistant

Clinics launched so far

​Children their awareness raised


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Contact us

Office Address

Budak Mh.


Yasem İş Merkezi

Kat: 5 / Ofis :510
27090 Şehitkamil

 Gaziantep Türkiye

Working Hours

Monday – Friday  

09:00 – 17:00